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Behind F1 Racing Car Steering Button

You are all certainly familiar with the look and shape of the fastest racing cars on our planet, well the Formula one car or can be called also "Jet land."

It is a car that contains the myriad of technologically sophisticated. Now let's look and functionality of all the buttons behind the wheel of a Formula 1.

1. MSG OK button
Is a multifunction button is used to set all the functions inherent in the car.

2. Menu scroll button
This button berfungi as a button to choose menus that are in the car.

3. Differential adjustment button
This button serves to set the traction and grip on the four wheels, adjust the braking stability and also set the system on the car at the time of the turn.

4. Neutral button switches
This button serves to adjust the car settings back to normal position.

5. Front wing button switches
Button to set and adjust the angle the wing / front bumper of the car to increase downforce.

6. Radio LED button
Lights up in blue to inform the driver about the directives from the pit.

7. Pit-to-car radio button
Its function to turn off and turn the radio communication function

8. Fuel mix adjustment button
Adjust the fuel mixture, either to maintain or improve engine performance, as required.

9. Throttle map override button
Adjust valve engine and also adjust the characteristics to suit track conditions.

10. Overtake button
Manage and increase the speed of the engine in a heartbeat to the maximum position of 18 000 rpm. This speed is required at the time the drivers will overtake.

11. Pitlane speed limiter button
Turn off and turn on the speed controller button functions while in the pitlane, as my friend all know that in the pitlane speed of the car should be reduced if not obey it will be punished.

12. Engine breaking level button
This button is enabled on the current state of the track wet, which is helpful for improving the stability of the car behind the rear wheels.

13. Tyre configuration button
The button that serves to optimize settings for tires and also serves to activate the rear lights during rainy conditions.

14. Master multifunction switches button
Allows the driver to access a number of settings for the engine system, the control of the front wing / rear, control of "aero" which serves to monitor and maximize air flow car.



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