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Honda New MegaPro, Motorcycle of The Year 2010

On the event "Jakarta Motor Cycle Show 2010 (JMCS 2010)" at JCC Senayan Jakarta, the Indonesian automotive journalists from the Indonesian Automotive Journalists Forum (FORWOT) named "New Honda megapro" as persons "IRC-FORWOT Motorcycle of the Year 2010 "or IRC-FORWOT MOTY.

Congratulations for Honda New MegaPro produced by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as the best Indonesian motorcycle version motorcycle automotive journalist who has won the prestigious title of IRC-FORWOT MOTY 2010.

According to organizers, Honda has set aside 18 New megapro latest motorcycle production in 2010 which nominated the grand jury, where Honda's New megapro recorded the highest score in a final selection involving seven motor favorites. Besides New megapro who was crowned as champion, Honda put the PCX 125 and Scoopy in position 3 and 4. View complete list.

Seven Favourite FORWOT 2010:

1. HONDA New MegaPro 102 pts
2. YAMAHA Byson 98 pts
3. HONDA PCX 86 pts
4. HONDA Scoopy 83 pts
5. YAMAHA Xeon 49 pts
6. BAJAJ Pulsar 135 41 pts
7. KAWASAKI 41 D-Tracker 150 pts

This activity was ever made was made two years ago (JMCS 2008), and in 2010 it FORWOT only set one champion. According to the Chairman of FORWOT Eri Haryoko, the establishment of a champion to follow a similar activity prevailing in Europe, the United States and Japan. In 2006 Indonesia's best motor FORWOT fall into Yamaha Jupiter MX. After that, in 2008, won by Yamaha V-Xion after nearest rivals aside Kawasaki Ninja 250R.

photo award by stephenlangitan.com


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