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Raikkonen admits Still Learning at WRC

Kimi Raikkonen has nearly completed his first season in the World Rally Championship (WRC). Finnish rally driver was even acknowledged his first season as a rookie is very heavy.

Raikkonen did several times in an accident with his car Citroen C WRCnya. By facing the last rally in the 2010 season, the former Ferrari racer is several times not to continue the race.

Up to 12 times the rally which was held in this season, Raikkonen only get 21 points and was in position ten. However, these results are something normal and expected.

"Our season is not entirely according to plan, but this is actually what I expected. It's very normal when you are learning something new," said Raikkonen as reported by Auto Sport.

Despite getting some points but the team manager confirmed that Benoit Nogier performance from Raikkonen is still not visible. "He's still learning," he said.

"Do not forget this is the first year and he still just doing this for the first time. Even next year, if he remains. We want him to survive, he's still going to learn, but it is a bit harsh," said Nogier.

While Raikkonen was confirmed that he did not regret leaving F1 racing. This seems to be a strong indication that the former F1 world champion is still going to continue his career in the WRC.

"Rally is a national sport in Finland and since I was little I followed him. At the end of last year I get a chance. I am very happy to do it and I enjoyed it," said Raikkonen.


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