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MotoGP : This statement Marco Simoncelli about the incident at Le Mans

As a result of the incident involved a cause Dani Pedrosa fell, Marco Simoncelli to get a penalty. However, she felt deserved it.

See the video --> Here

On lap 18, the French MotoGP race on Sunday (05/15/2011), Simoncelli cut Pedrosa racing line, who had already been entered into the bend, and then doing a late braking. It then makes Pedrosa back to get an injury in his shoulder, this time in the right shoulder.

Simoncelli later did much to get comments from fellow racers, who then answered with promised would be more careful driving. He said, the criticisms were a bit much influence the penalty decision which handed down to him.

"For me, this is not something I like ... for me, this penalty is because that happened recently and in the final race. All the people talk (about me)," he said in Autosport.

"They're punishing me. But, if the same thing happen to other drivers or without me, for me nothing will be punished."

Simoncelli also explained the chronology of incidents that occurred between him and Pedrosa from his perspective. He also admitted to not guilty over the incident, although sorry for the incident.

"I tried to pass through and conquer the corners. I also tried to give it room to swing. But, I think he's a little mistake and he arrived with a little outside the lines."

"He touched the back of my motorcycle. I tried to enforce the motor, but he slipped. I am sorry for this incident and on the points that I failed to get," due diligence.

Simoncelli end the race in fifth position. When not getting a penalty, and have not involved the incident, he was struggling to snatch second position from Pedrosa.


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