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MotoGP: Video Highlight Estoril 2011 series

Portugal MotoGP race at Estoril on Sunday (05/01/2011), it looks like a normal race at first. Lorenzo who occupy pole position successfully maintained its position until some time towards the end of the race. Pedrosa, who from the start following him from the position of two such have no chance.

Throughout the race, a duel practically only belong to both. Distance Lorenzo and Pedrosa was not much just 0.1 seconds. Meanwhile, Casey Stoner, who was behind the two had left behind to 2.5 seconds.

However, Pedrosa who records his time in this race was better than Lorenzo managed to take advantage of the opportunity. Four laps before the end of the race, he eventually overtaking Lorenzo. And since then, he has managed to retain his position until the finish.

Check this out full highlight Estoril race!


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