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No more Marlboro in Ferrari F1 team in Silverstone

British Grand Prix which takes place this weekend has special meaning for Ferrari. To mark it, then The Prancing Horse will remove the name of their sponsor, Marlboro.

Dated July 14, 1951, Jose Froilan Gonzalez won the British Grand Prix for Ferrari. It was the first championship Grand Prix Ferrari before they won another championship series.

This weekend, exactly half a century victory Gonzalez, Ferrari back competing in the British Grand Prix is also held on the same circuit with Gonzalez recorded a victory: Silverstone.

Nothing is obvious from the victory celebration of 50 years Ferrari car appearance. But nothing has changed in the name of Ferrari from the name in the entry list to board the pointer in the pit.

Yes, from now on, Ferrari no longer use the name Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro, but just enough Scuderia Ferrari. Scuderia Ferrari is the name of the stables, which was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1940, although the new Ferrari's first car there in 1946.

Philip Morris (Marlboro manufacturer) and Ferrari respond to the spotlight in recent years of our name and we decided, effective from today and apply all over the world, the name Marlboro no longer be a part of the team name,.

Mid-June, Ferrari and Marlboro ads have just signed a contract worth 500 million U.S. dollars for three years. It invites criticism from groups of anti-tobacco.

"While we disagree with the criticism, we took this decision in line with our history that is always responsive to similar issues and to avoid unnecessary debate and unproductive," said Communications Manager of Ferrari, Luca Colajanni.


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