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News : Stefan Bradl tie 2 year contract with LCR Honda in MotoGP

Moto2 world champion, Stefan Bradl, up to the MotoGP class in the 2012 season. The assurance came after the German rider formally signed a two-year contract with LCR Honda team.

"This is a fantastic thing, because a dream come true," said 21-year-old rider, who just try out the Honda 800 cc engine with LCR.

"When I've tested the RC212V at Valencia, I realized that the LCR team is very professional and well organized, so I'm sure they will do their best to support me: make my debut in the premier class with RC212V fun and I can not wait to get back on track . "

In the recent season, LCR team signed Toni Elias. Unfortunately, the appearance of the winner in the inaugural Moto2 season was not as expected as he slumped in the order of 15. Therefore, Bradl expected to give a better performance in the inaugural season in the 1,000 cc MotoGP season 2012.

"Next year will be very important for the MotoGP; starting from April, the competition will be filled with new technical atarun, and many participants," said team owner who is a former rider Lucio Cecchinello.

"Together with Honda we have to consider some riders, and Stefan was one of the candidates. After the test in Valencia, we were very impressed with the potential and determination: Stefan young and fast and he just grabbed Moto2 world championship, so we believe can grow together together with the team for two years.

"He already knows the technical staff and today I am pleased to welcome him in the LCR team!"

Bradl, who was the son of former GP rider Helmut Bradl, won four victories and 11 podium finishes, in the course embrace Moto2 world championship. He uses Kalex chassis, and incorporated in the Viessmann Kiefer Racing team. Bradl will become the first rider from Germany who appeared in MotoGP since Alex Hofmann in 2007.

With the contract, then Bradl and Bradley Smith (Tech 3), be the rider who has signed for the season in MotoGP until 2013.


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