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Nissan Leaf wins Japan "Car of The Year" 2011-2012

Nissan Leaf, 100 percent electric car, obtain the latest prestige title of "Car of the Year " Japan 2011-2012. Announcement of winners of the Japanese car of the year is done directly in the arena of the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show.

According to Nissan, this is a selection of car of the year that all 32 are held in Japan and for the first time to win an electric car. Up to this time, Nissan Leaf has sold over 20,000 units worldwide.

The victory was the support of experts and journalists to automotive manufacturers to continue to make cars more environmentally friendly.

In addition, Nissan Leaf also won the "2012 RJC Car of the Year Award" organized by researchers and Japanese automotive journalists, "Japan Automotive Hall of Fame (Jahfa) Car of the Year" and "2011-2012 Jahfa Car Design". Last year, Nissan Leaf also had been named as "European Car of the Year" by some media and European automotive journalists.


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