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Video : Nissan Micra Kuro and Shiro for UK market

Nissan Motor Corp (NMC) has launched two models of the Micra "facelift" or in Indonesia called Nissan March.

Both were named Kuro (black) and Shiro (white). This new model has a cool feature and is based on Acenta grade.

Both cars are the most distinguishing namely in terms of color. To Kuro Black Sapphire color which is the latest color variants, whereas for Shiro is available in two colors, namely Pearl and Alabaster.

What distinguishes the previous Micra on the interior, where this new model has a sleek effect dashboard and seat design lighter according to the city car class.

About the price, for the UK market, 1.2-liter engine cars with manual transmission priced at 11,550 pounds sterling. Also available CVT transmission and DIG-S engine.

In India, a few days ago also launched Micra diesel engined 1.5-liter 4-cylinder 8 valves supplied from Renault subsidiary. Maximum power reaches 64 HP and 160 Nm of torque with fuel consumption of 23 miles per one liter or 4.34 liters per 100 km.


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