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Video : Nissan Murano Mode-Bianco special edition launched in Japan

The manufacturer Nissan launched a special edition in Japan. Edition is Nissan Murano Mode-Bianco present at FOUR 350XV, 250XV FOUR and 250XV.

Murano Mode-Bianco has advantages to the use of graphite wheels that presents an elegant impression. Not only that, a special edition also adds a dark chrome grille accompanied by LED lights are lit throughout the day. LEDs are also present as fog lights.

In Interior, Mode-Bianco presenting seamless white leather upholstery thread and gold colors enriched white door trim. Front seat equipped with a heater. The system relies on Bose sound system.

Prices range from Mode-Bianco, Bianco Murano 250XV Mode-priced ¥ 4,082,400 and 250XV FOUR-Bianco Mode ¥ 4,260,900. Murano 350XV FOUR Mode Bianco ¥ 4,832,100.


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