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News : Tata MegaPixel Concept, unique and futuristic

Tata Nano introduce their latest products, Tata Megapixel Concept and present at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.

Megapixel offer the latest hybrid technology and futuristic design. To drive all four wheels, mounted lithium-ion phosphate battery 13 kWh that can drive up to speeds of 86 kph.

Battery can be recharged up by induction system. When the power runs out, 325cc 30 hp gasoline engine can extend range up to 900 km. The maximum speed can reach 110 kph.

Megapixel design is quite unique with a sliding door to front and rear. This little car with a capacity of four passengers.

In addition Megapixel have features to navigation smartphone that installed in cabin that can be enabled using touch screen.


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