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Video : 2013 Peugeot 301, compact sedan for new markets

Peugeot 2013 is designed as a compact sedan to conquer new markets. Peugeot 301 passed test in countries of heat, cold, and which have roads that are less good.

Peugeot 301 exterior length of 4.4 meters. Volume of 506 liters of luggage offered, claimed to be the widest in its class.

Safety features held this 4-door sedan like ESP, EBA, ABS, four airbags. Devices of modern comfort (air-conditioning electronics, MP3 audio system with Bluetooth hands-free, reverse parking aid, etc.) applied.

Peugeot will offer gasoline and diesel engines with a power of 71 hp to 115 hp with automatic and manual transmission.

301 will be second Peugeot car that uses 3-cylinder engine benisin 71 hp on the 1.2 liter VTi models. Peugeot 208 became first model to use this machine.

Saloon will be produced at the Peugeot factory in Vigo Spain. Paris Motor Show 2012 will be the first place for 301 to show himself to world public.

First sale will be conducted on 1 November 2012. Turkey became the first market to receive 301, then to Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and others.


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