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Video and Result : Moto2 Le Mans 2012, Thomas Luthi wins wet race

Thomas Luthi has won a wet race at Moto2 Le Mans 2012 some time ago. In the race to happen quite a lot of incidents and involving more than 8 racers.

Luthi 50m 2.816s recorded the best time to deserve a winner. Throughout the race, Luthi is quite stable and able to control the bike properly.

Luthi's great rival, Marc Marquez unable to complete the race after falling from his motorcycle.

Pol Espargaro nearest rival could only finish in sixth after making a mistake in one corner so that the bike wide.

Result Moto2 Le Mans 2012
1. Thomas Luthi (Suter) 50m 2.816s
2. Claudio Corti (Kalex) 50m 9.170s
3. Scott Redding (Kalex) 50m 14.978s
4. Andrea Iannone (Speed Up) 50m 19.154s
5. Mika Kallio (Kalex) 50m 22.094s
6. Pol Espargaro (Kalex) 50m 23.690s
7. Anthony West (Moriwaki) 50m 24.521s
8. Max Neukirchner (Kalex) 50m 30.933s
9. Ratthapark Wilairot (Suter) 50m 41.133s
10. Bradley Smith (Tech 3) 50m 43.756s
11. Esteve Rabat (Kalex) 50m 46.893s
12. Toni Elias (Suter) 51m 2.399s
13. Julian Simon (Suter) 51m 4.601s
14. Nicolas Terol (Suter) 51m 6.246s
15. Dominique Aegerter (Suter) 51m 13.157s
16. Roberto Rolfo (Suter) 51m 24.961s
17. Axel Pons (Kalex) 51m 49.810s
18. Yuki Takahashi (Suter) 50m 39.902s
19. Marco Colandrea (FTR) 52m 05.435s


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