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News : Suzuki will comeback to MotoGP in 2014

Good news came from manufacturer Suzuki. After decided to be absent from MotoGP in 2011, Suzuki plans comeback in 2014 season.

As project leader Satoru Terada statement that 2014 is the goal of Suzuki and the team will prepare a motor that is really competitive.

Seriousness Suzuki to return to compete in MotoGP is not messing around. Seen from no took wildcard facility for 2013 season.

They choose prepared "iron horse" well and Suzuki will work hard to achieve it and the goal is 2014.

The decision has got green signal from top management and support the team stepped into next phare as the budget for development of protoype motor.

Suzuki have ve had 5 world champions which was the last time in 2000 by Keny Robert Jr.


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