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Video : Incident Pedrosa vs Simoncelli at Le Mans in Picture Motion

Racing at Le Mans on Sunday (15/05/2011), be disastrous for Dani Pedrosa. He re-injured the shoulder, this time is on his right collarbone.

Pedrosa's crash on lap-18 when he was fighting with Marco Simoncelli. Super Sic cut Pedrosa from the outer side of the track before finally put the brakes on his bike. Pedrosa, who tried to avoid him and then slipped.

The Honda rider falls with the right shoulder hit the track, before finally dragged down to the gravel trap. When risen, he pointed his right shoulder, realizing that he suffered back injuries.

Upon his return to the paddock, he was immediately obtain a medical examination. From the results of this examination, it is known that his right collarbone broken.

In fact, Pedrosa was just recovering from a broken collar bone injury in his left shoulder. He got injured in training sessions at Motegi Circuit last year.

The injury made him have surgery twice. New performed a second operation a month ago.


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