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Ferrari Future Concept namely hypercar hybrid

When hearing the word Ferrari, surely you'll remember the red sports car uses a V6 engine, V8, and V12, a blaring ready shot on the streets.

However, several years into the future all that picture will change. Ferrari's distinctive red color will no longer dominant. Likewise, a wasteful machine. But, about the speed and performance of the machine, no doubt.

The owner of this dancing horse logo are developing future racing car, Ferrari Future Concept. Not only supercar it is today, this Italian car manufacturer will build hypercar.

Future Ferrari concept car created by famous designers from Turkey, Kazim Doku. Formula One cars will use the DNA of a Ferrari with a blend of future machines. These include hybrid engines are efficient and environmentally friendly.

This car was designed specifically for the next 15 years and be prepared to face the battle hypercar hybrid.

pic : autoevolution


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