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Indonesia finish second in Isuzu Technical Competition

Isuzu Indonesia mechanical team successful finished second in the event Isuzu Technical Competition (ITC), a competition that tests knowledge and technical skills of the mechanics Isuzu worldwide. The competition took place at the Training Centre Isuzu, Kawasaki, Japan, late last October.

Isuzu Indonesia was represented by Imrad Rahab (technicians from PT Astra International, Tbk - Isuzu Napier) and Indarto (technicians PT PT Astra International, Tbk - Isuzu Scout Jakarta. "Excess Indonesian team cooperation and communication is very good, although derived from the workshops different backgrounds and different tribes, but not an obstacle, instead Isuzu Indonesia more solid team, "explained Erens Jafet Training Centre Head PT. Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia, Indonesia as the coach of the team mechanics.

The contest was followed by 18 countries, divided into 5 groups. Indonesia are in Group D along with Australia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

For Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia, this event aims to motivate mechanics to improve the skills and knowledge to better perform maintenance and repair of vehicles, for better customer service. Isuzu at the same time also shows a commitment on the importance of after-sales service technicians that are reliable, especially the ability to support commercial vehicle sales.

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