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Moto GP : Valentino Rossi debut test with Ducati

New Ducati rider Valentino Rossi ended up doing a test with Ducati at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia yesterday. These events did not escape the spotlight camera reporters who continue to follow the test session.

At the session which was postponed because of rain, the Valentino Rossi riding the Desmosedici GP11 that has the form of a new fairing like the respiratory tract of different fish from the model GP10. While the new design wearpack VR46 wore dominated by black and yellow metallic.

From these tests are expected to determine the type Mesi Ducati that will be used Rossi to racing season 2011.

According to Franco Battaini Ducati test rider, Rossi quite match the machine type Screamer. But Rossi will continue to try different types of machines for distinguish characters.

What distinguishes the version of the big bang and the Screamer is the aggressiveness and power, where the big bang has a power curve / torque regular, while the Screamer is more aggressive and also more powerful.

pic : AFP


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