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Pedrosa warned Stoner not to complacent quickly

Dani Pedrosa, has warned that new teammate Casey Stoner not to be complacent after he managed to become the second fastest circuit in the test session in Valencia, Spain, some time ago. Because, from experience following the season of 2010, he was to experience frustration with the V4 engine is so fierce and hard to tame.

Stoner has welcomed the RC212V engine performance is driven, so that it can stick behind the 2010 MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo as the fastest.

From the experience of the race so far this year, admitted RC212V Pedrosa move around due to engine power, so that must be overcome. Moderate experience with Honda Stoner (while still defending the satellite team), not as good workers who have.

"So, I felt I knew how difficult it manages the delivery of power during the race in record time." I've tried the new machine in Valencia, it is still too aggressive. Here's what to think about the Honda technicians, "he hoped.


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