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Sales of Honda Revo AT and Megapro rise in October

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as manufacturer of Honda motorcycle in Indonesia has recorded sales of 323,254 units during October 2010 or an increase of 46.7% from the previous month that only 220 346 units.

This sales increase is sustained spike in demand for the type of cub and automatic scooter. At last month's total motorcycle sales of 140,641 units of Honda recorded an increase of 55.6% compared to September (90,399 units).

All models Honda cub in October to increase sales, including new entrants Honda Revo AT that carries an automatic continuous variable (CV-Matic) technology. Revo AT sales last month soared to 116% compared to September, to 1044 units.

Honda Revo combines the reliability of AT & motorcycle driving comfort and ease of driving an automatic transmission. Armed with 4-stroke engine 110 cc with EFT technology (Efficient & Low Friction Technology). Revo AT adopt dual cooling system, air cooling and refrigeration space for the CVT engine with oil.

"The increase in sales of Honda Revo AT last month showed that the Indonesian people have started to accept the presence of the first automatic motorcycle in Indonesia. We believe this type of motorcycle market will continue to grow, "said Sigit Kumala, Senior General Manager of Sales Division PT AHM.

In the scooter segment, sales of AHM is also experiencing significant growth. In October Honda scooter sold 160,129 units or an increase of 41.6% compared to September (113,114 units). Honda Beat is still the largest contributor with 69,853 unit sales.

"All types of scooter we experienced encouraging sales growth. Special Honda Scoopy, we also have to raise its production to 22,000 units last month. We continuously strive to shorten the waiting period prospective buyers this modern retro scooter, "said Sigit.

In the sports segment, AHM also posted a significant sales increase of 33% from 16,833 units in September to 22,384 units last month. Honda New Megapro become the largest contributor in this segment with sales of 18,642 units. Tiger Honda sold 2241 units. Honda CS1 had just experienced refreshment with new striping design also increased significantly, sold 1501 units.


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