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VW ambitious acquisition Ferrari

End of 2009 and there is news that Volkswagen (VW) wants to acquire one of the brands of Fiat Group, Alfa Romeo. However, the boss of Volkswagen, Ferdinand Piech, just want a Ferrari sports car brand to be part of the largest automotive principals from the German.

It was widely in local media in Germany. In fact, VW reportedly ready poured funds to 27 billion dollars to buy a Ferrari. Meanwhile, Ferrari has estimated selling price of 3.17 billion U.S. dollars only.

VW is aggressively strengthening the sports car segment of the various classes. The proof, though already mastered Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bugatti, they still intend to annex "Jingkrak Horses."

Rumors are rampant as Fiat plans to enlarge its stake in Chrysler partners and require fresh funds for new product development. However, Fiat Group CEO Sergio Marchionne evasive. Fiat prefer a pathway to the exchange floor to remove the stock to the public market and still hold a majority stake company.

VW acquisition efforts on the world automotive brands seem to continue along his ambition to be the largest automotive manufacturer in the world. We'll wait the next breakthrough!


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