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Nissan March starting price IDR 138.8 million in Indonesia

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (PT NMI) to give the Nissan March hatchvback prices start from U.S. $ 138.8 million. Cars 1200 cc three-cylinder engine is scheduled to be launched end of November.

"Nissan March in Indonesia offered in three variants, namely variants manual transmission, automatic transmission, as well as high grade or the highest type of automatic transmission variant, called Nissan March XS," said Teddy Irawan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Group NMI as quoted by Tempo.

Varian manual transmission cost Rp 138.8 million. Automatic Transmission USD 148.8 million, and the type of Nissan March XS cost Rp 158.8 million.

Teddy insisted, though produced in the country, March in Indonesaia have a specification that is not different from those produced in other countries, like Thailand, India, or even Europe. March equipped with 1200 cc petrol engine, three-cylinder DOHC. The machine is claimed capable of producing power 79 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and torque of 102 Newton meters (Nm) at 4400 rpm.

"The target sales of 1,000 units per month or 12-thousand units per year," he asserted.

Some time ago a number of media crews have done a test drive that car. The test results showed, the level of variant manual transmission consumes one liter of fuel for a distance of 21.8 kilometers (km). Meanwhile, the automatic transmission variant consumes one liter of fuel for 18.5 km.


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