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Honda dominate the Most Dependable Vehicles

Honda dominated the list of most reliable vehicles (The Most Reliable) based on a survey held in 2011 Consumer Reports magazine in the United States. Models made by Honda assessed the survey respondents, held every year as the most minimal model problem.

The poll that was held the magazine involves 5 million readers and is done online. The survey is based on how customers view each brand in 7 categories which include: the level of safety, quality, sale value, performance, design, technology and environmentally friendly.

The assessment was conducted to total 1.3 million units of vehicles made in 2001 to 2010 in the United States. Respondents were asked to assess the level of reliability of the vehicles they use for at least 10 years.

Based on the assessment of five output model Honda managed to emerge as the best in its segment, the five models are sedan (Acura TL), luxury car (Acura RL), small SUV (CR-V), the compact SUV (Acura RDX) and compact pickup (Ridgeline).

Previously in October 2010 Honda is also cited as the "Greenest Automaker" for the fifth time in a row by the Union of Concerned Scientist (UCS) in the United States. Recently, Honda also received the title of the Japan Car Of The Year 2010-2011 for the Honda CR-Z in Japan.


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