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F1 : Sebastian Vettel wins at Abu Dhabi for 2010 title

Redbull racer Sebastian Vettel finally emerged as F1 world champion 2011. Certainty is achieved after winning the last series at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi some time ago.

Meanwhile, Ferrari, Fernando Alonso had to settle out second overall because only finish in 7th position. The Spaniard was left 4 digits of the winner Vettel.

On the other hand Lewis Hamilton finished in second place to make his third winner of the 2010 season. While behind Hamilton after his team mate Jenson Button.

The defeat of the year Ferrari and Alonso is really painful because before this race is the championship leader and quite finished third to become the champion of the 2010 season. But throughout the race Alonso quite difficult to pass other Renault driver is Petrov.

In addition to winning the championship by Vettel, RBR team came out as champion constructors Renault 2010. Congratulations for Sebastian Vettel and RBR Renault ....

pic : crash.net


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