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News : F1 Japanese GP 2011, Button wins, Vettel World Champion 2011

Jenson Button has been directing a shot to the next season after Sebastian Vettel clinched the 2011 season at the Japanese GP, Sunday (10/09/2011).

Starting the race from position two, Button managed to finish in the leading position. For the McLaren racer, this is his third victory this season.

"You can say a victory from pole position would be boring, but this is something that I did not accomplish for some time, so the win from the position of two very meaningful to me," he said on ESPN F1.

"Hopefully this will happen more frequently this year," please Button.

This season there are only three drivers who managed to "steal" the victory of Vettel domination. Button to be one of them and even the most with three victories - two Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso one.

Button are now hoping to further reduce the rate of Vettel with Red Bull so she could be more frequently planted on the highest podium. As a foundation toward next season, he was determined to wipe out the remaining four series.


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