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Video : Monaco Circuit at Red Bull Simulation

Monaco Circuit created by Anthony Noghes in 1929, president and founder of the Club Automobile of Monaco.

The first GP was held there in 1929; it was on the calendar for the first year (1950) of the Formula One World Champonship, and has hosted a round every year since 1955.

The Monaco circuit is the shortest GP course about 3.340 kilometres. Nowhere else are more laps covered (78), yet the race distance of 260.520 kilometres.

Circuit de Monaco Profile
Circuit Length: 3.367 km (2.092 miles)
Race Length: 78 laps (260.5 km, 162.2 miles)
Details: Temporary street circuit
Corners: 18 (10 right-hand and
8 left-hand corners)
Lap Record: 1:14.439 (Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004)
Grand Prix Held: 53
Years: 1950, 1955-2006
First Grand Prix: 21 May 1950
Last Grand Prix: 28 may 2006
Opened: 1929
Spectator capacity: 120000 General admission


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