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Video : Incident Vitaly Petrov at F1 Monaco Grand Prix 2011

Vitaly Petrov suffered severe accident at the end of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix race. But Renault team reported that pebalapnya not seriously injured due to the incident.

Petrov hit the wall when touched with Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari in the remaining six laps. As a result of the accident the race was stopped and the car safety car came out.

When the incident, Petrov remained silent in his car and had claimed to feel the pain in his left ankle. He was immediately taken to hospital for further examination.

Parties Renault revealed that Petrov did not have bruises or broken bones. But the 26-year-old rider will continue scanning the entire body.

"He should have to return to the paddock in a few hours," said the Renault.

Monaco Grand Prix was again resumed and was won by the Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) and Jenson Button (McLaren) in second and third.

video courtesy of globaltv


Sports Traveler said...

That's a really painful accident. I would love to Watch Monaco Grand Prix with ITC Sports hope the next race would be safer.

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