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Honda prepare City Diesel for India Market

Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI), the distributor of Honda cars in India have plans to market diesel engines in the medium sedan model. The consideration, in addition to more efficient than gasoline, helping motorists who bears the price of gasoline continues to rise.

Gasoline is priced in India INR 21 per liter, while diesel fuel price is very affordable for communities in India that is INR 10 per liter.

It is reported that the new engine capacity of 1.5 liters and potentially mounted on a Honda City. But, it is possible also on other Honda models, like the Jazz.

Honda expects this new variant could help the brand to provide a better package and can compete with other brands. Recently, Inaba from HSCI said the introduction of the diesel model is not the only option to grow in India.

But Honda did not want to rush to play in diesel car segment. This Japanese manufacturer took two years to develop a diesel-engined City. And City diesel plant will be presented from 2013.

Currently, Honda India is still developing two diesel engines with a capacity of 1400 cc and 1,600 cc.


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