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MotoGP : Dani Pedrosa won in Estoril

Dani Pedrosa managed to break the dominance of Lorenzo and Simoncelli to get out into the MotoGP series championship in Estoril, Portugal.

However, Pedrosa had to wait until the race three laps remaining to overtake Lorenzo.

The road race was not as expected before the predicted battle between Simoncelli and Lorenzo. Thisis due to the incident and Simoncelli had failed to continue the race .

As a result, after starting two drivers namely Lorenzo and Pedrosa sped leaving his opponents.

Until finally on lap 23 ahead of Lorenzo and Pedrosa managed to finish unbearable. While Lorenzo had to settle for second place followed by Casey Stoner.

Meanwhile, the struggle for fourth place, Dovizioso managed to beat Rossi on a few meters before the finish line.


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