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MotoGP: Lorenzo damping Simoncelli dominance in Estoril Qualifying session

Jorge Lorenzo managed to occupy pole position and capable of reducing the dominance of Marco Simoncelli in Estoril Portugal MotoGP qualifying session. Yamaha Factory Racing rider was able to bend the fastest lap which was dominated by Simoncelli with 1 minute 37,161 seconds, in Portugal Estoril qualifying session today (30 / 4).

Lorenzo's achievements in the qualifying session this time was that he achieved the first pole position of the 2011 season, as well as a separate motivation for him. Because Lorenzo ambition to appear perfect in MotoGP Estoril, Portugal (fifth) is the most important moment, and he was able to prove that not only the fastest lap of Honda riders only.

The second grid will be occupied by Marco Simoncelli who from the beginning dominated the qualifying session today. Racer nicknamed "Super Sic 'is no longer able to fix the record fastest lap towards the end of the qualifying session. Though his chances to score the first pole this season is big enough. Simoncelli could only secure the fastest lap of 1 minute 37,294 seconds.

In third position, Dani Pedrosa is still pretty tough to prove that he would initiate the start of the front line. Opportunity for an early shot was wide open. Spaniard for the first time able to be in front of Casey Stoner in qualifying session. Pedrosa scored fastest lap of 1 minute 37,324 seconds.

Casey Stoner could only ranked fourth in the qualifying session start Estoril Portugal 2011, and a bit difficult for him to achieve good results in this circuit. Then followed by Ben Spies in the starting 5. Spies is the last driver that is able to achieve the fastest lap 1 minute 37 seconds. While Valentino Rossi who was able to perform better, this time thrown quite a distance in the starting nine


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