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Honda prepare Goldwing Hybrid with F1 Technology

After Piaggio and Can Am Sypder who has prepared a motorbike with a hybrid power source, now turn Honda. Unmitigated, the manufacturer of this wing are researching Goldwing with hybrid engines.

As the name implies, hybrid engines have two machines working simultaneously. That is the conventional combustion engine and electric motor. Well, for this Honda Goldwing, Honda chose 4-cylinder boxer engine is clearly smaller than the 6-cylinder boxer engine that had been used.

Use this compact machine aimed to leave room to accommodate a generator as an activator that is also able to absorb the kinetic energy into electrical energy when needed.

Uniquely, moge Honda touring output is reportedly applying the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) in the hybrid system. KERS technology is currently widely used in the F1 teams to improve performance. So the Honda reportedly intend to patent this technology.

Here this video 2012 Honda GL1800 Goldwing.

video courtesy of youtube / SoloMoto


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