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Video : BMW launches K1600GT and K1600GTL in Malaysia

The streets in Malaysia are wide and government regulations that allow the motorcycle entered the highway makes a big motorcycle thrives there. Until finally, the BMW Group Malaysia was interested. Officially, the German manufacturer is launching the touring product in the country.

Two of these models is the K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL. Both have 4-cylinder inline engine is special because its design compact. So that motor is not too wide. Amazingly the weight of the machine is only 102.6 pounds, the lightest among the above 1.000cc machine in the world.

1.649cc engine capacity with power to 160 hp and torque to 175 Nm. BMW claim the flight can reach 200 km/h. But fuel consumption is still friendly, at a constant speed of 90 km/h consumption of 1 liter: 22 km. Medium time constant speeding at 120 km/h fuel consumption is 1 liter to 17.5 km.

Features two types of BMW is quite interesting. When driving, the bikers are served with choice of three drive modes; rain, road and dynamic fashion. Suspension also was wearing the Electronic Suspension Adjustment II System which automatically adjusts the suspension according rebounds and violent street impassable.

In addition, the motor is also equipped with adaptive xenon headlamps. Highlight the lights always customize driving directions. Naturally when the selling price expensive. Varian 158 GT sold Ringgit Malaysia or approximately USD 444.9 million. Medium version released 168 GTL Ringgit Malaysia.


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