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Video and Spesification : New Kia Picanto 2011 will launch on July

Good news for those of you who are waiting for cool look New KIA Picanto. Because, PT KIA Mobil Indonesia (KMI) to ensure a new generation Picanto when Indonesia International Motor Show 2011 (IIMS) was held.

Hartanto Sukmono, Marketing Director of KMI, which express "For the time precisely, we will release New Picanto in IIMS event next July, " said Hartanto.

This friendly man added that KIA sales in Indonesia is strongly influenced Picanto models. "Evidently from the sales of 6550 units KIA last year, 65 percent is contributed from the Picanto," he described.

All New Kia Picanto will appear much more attractive than previous generations, because looks are no longer rounded, but began grooved, so it looks more sporty.

In fact, in addition to grill, foglamp and patterned design alloy wheels, New KIA Picanto also would be more fashionable with the addition of a sunroof on the roof. Get ready just the little more action going.

So is the engine sector, Kia has a new engine buried, and that will be brought to Indonesia also engine capacity increased to 1250 cc, 4 cylinder gasoline. Previous Picanto only 1.1 liters capacity.

New Kia Picanto 2011 Spesification

source from kia-picanto.com


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