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Video : Nissan Juke launches in Indonesia

Having previously PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) invites the media to test the resilience of crossover Juke in Bali, then today (1 /6/2011) NMI Juke official release to the country's car market.

Surely this is good news for Nissan lovers who are waiting for Juke. This launch month ahead of the launch plan early, namely when IIMS on July.

Nissan Juke is a compact crossover that combines sporty design between SUV and Coupe. It is seen from a unique appearance with large headlamp.

While the shape grille and front fascia similar to his brother, the Nissan Murano. SUV side of the silhouette looks and high ground clearence.

Move to the rear, the coupe is very strong figure thanks to the endless sloping roof pillars. As well as coupe-like shape stern Nissan Fairlady, 370Z.

Unique body is getting complete with laburan six color choices. Among the red, blue, white, silver, gray and black.

In addition, NMI also equip Juke with 1,500 cc engine powered 114 hp equipped with automatic transmission, CVT.

For the price, Juke is released with two variants on offer from IDR 238.8 million on the type of CVT, and IDR 248.8 million in the CVT model RX.


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