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Video : Lorenzo and Simoncelli crash at Silverstone 2011

In the race at Silverstone yesterday, Lorenzo failed to finish in the standings and position taken by Stoner. This happens after xfuerra crash on lap 8 and failed to continue the race.

Actually Lorenzo raced ahead at the start of the race. He was followed Dovizioso and Stoner benerapa moments later. Simoncelli slipped to fourth position.

In addition to Lorenzo who fell and failed to finish, some tough racers also have to give up the slippery path.

Lorenzo's teammate, Ben Spies also fell one lap before Lorenzo slipped. Meanwhile, the Italian, a former 250 cc champion Marco Simoncelli was also unable to continue the race after falling from his motorcycle on lap 10.

Failure to finish at Silverstone delay Super Sic desire to reach his first podium this season.

Check this out the video...!

video courtesy of trans7


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