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Video : Moto2 Silverstone 2011, Bradl takes British win

Stefan Bradl won the race again in the sixth series Moto2 at Silverstone Circuit (06/12/2011). After the start, Stefan Bradl directly lead followed Scott Redding. But not long after, Redding and led the race ahead of Bradl.

Meanwhile, Marc Marquez who winning the pole slipped to third position and continue to pass other drivers on the next lap.

On lap 6 Passini Bradl managed to overtake and lead the race. But on 7 laps before finish Passini fell due to a slippery track. The incident also happened to Marc Marquez who came out the tracks on lap eight.

After the incident Stefan Bradl returned to lead the race and led alone in front. Meanwhile, Bradley Smith stalking in second place with a considerable distance and Pirro in third. Redding positioned fourth after Pirro skipped.

Lap-12 Sofuoglu crashes ...

On lap-13 Bradl almost made a mistake after the motor that drove a little slippage. But lucky, Bradl still can return to the track with the advantages of 7 seconds from the second position Smith.

Bradl uncontrollably finally finish first followed by Smith in second position and Pirro third.

Results Moto2 Siverstone 2011
1. Bradl (Kalex) 18 laps
2. Smith (Tech 3) +7.601s
3. Pirro (Moriwaki) +12.241s
4. Cluzel (Suter) +17.271s
5. Redding (Suter) +23.531s
6. Rabat (FTR) +28.661s
7. Takahashi (Moriwaki) +32.391s
8. Sofuoglu (Suter) +34.662s
9. Y. Hernandez (FTR) +37.181s
10. Corsi (FTR) +38.981s

pic by motogp.com
video courtesy by trans7


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