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Video : Honda introduced Civic Hatchback at Frankfurt Motor Show

Honda introduced the latest model of Honda Civic pad Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 64th opened 13/9 for journalists. Hatchback model and for the European market.

According to Honda, its designers wanted to maintain elements of the sporty character and put forward a more dynamic elements to express his new model. Honda's own party to add a rear wing that blends with the body.

The interior is still the same as the Civic 5-door model with the previous two panels, where the bottom (near the steering wheel) is an indicator of speed, engine speed and gasoline. While the upper digital display screen. Honda confirms bahawa this part quality has been improved, including the passenger space.

The suspension system of this ninth-generation Civic sport has got a revision, which means keeping the rear torque. That way, the Honda engineers claim that with the improvement in the sector and the suspension makes controlling body control is very convenient.

Civic 2.2-liter engine uses i-DTEC is revised so as to produce maximum power of 150HP, 10HP greater than CDTI 2.2liter engine. While CO2 emissions down 29g/km.


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