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Video : Honda Fit Electric launches in LA Auto Show 2011

In the event the Los Angeles Auto Show (LAAS) lasting 18 to 27 November 2011, Honda, in addition to featuring all-new CR-V also displaying an Fit electric version of mass production. This Hatchback has appeared in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS), last August, just when it's still a concept.

Fit is equipped with electric-powered electric motor 92 is equivalent to 125.7 kW or PS. Intake obtained from a battery power source power 20 kWh lithium ion battery - the same as that used in the FCX Clarity. According to Honda, by plugging the cable in the socket voltage 240 volts, the battery can be fully charged in three hours. With this provision, the driver can tour the city as far as 198 km and 122 km out of town.

This car has three driving style options, Econ, Normal and Sport. By choosing Econ, then the driver can save power up to 17 percent of the Normal model. While the Sport, the car acceleration increased "aggressive".

Honda Fit targeting electricity production could reach 1,100 units in the next three years. However, this amount is still tentative can rise or fall according to demand in the market.


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