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Video : Yamaha Y125 Moegi at Tokyo Motor Show 2011

From all motorcycle concept on display at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, one of the highlights is the Y125 Moegi from Yamaha. The appeal of this one motorcycle, futuristic and "quirky". Appearances such as "old school".

In its official statement, Yamaha says it wants to translate the philosophy of beauty that is pinned on a motorcycle this retro-modern. The design is easily familiar with people, offering ease of concept and comfortable drive.

It looked like a bicycle "onthel" are fitted with engine capacity of 125 cc single cylinder engine with injection technology and manual transmission system. Fuel tank integrated in the chassis so that makes it look sleek.

The chassis uses a special steel lightweight but strong. The proof, heavy motorcycles is 79.8 kilograms. Moegi also use thin tires, thereby reducing the power geseknya with the road surface.

Super-efficient gas consumption, 80 km / liter when used in the city. The key, in addition to its light weight, Yamaha uses "v-belt" as a substitute for the chain to reduce friction and LED lights for savings.

Unfortunately, Yamaha still has not opened all the specifications and capabilities of this Y125 machine and have no plans to produce it in bulk.


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