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News : Dorna proposes changes to the regulation of MotoGP

The global economic crisis that hit countries in Europe and America today is a little big effect on the continuity of MotoGP. It is the leader of Dorna, Carmelo Ezpeleta conduct individual meetings with senior management Honda, Yamaha, and Ducati.

During the meeting discussed about the discourse of radical change in the MotoGP technical rules. The goal of course, in order to make budget cuts and the MotoGP teams still exist and competition can continue to be held.

Ezpeleta proposed a control ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the engine speed is limited up to 16,000 rpm. In addition, the new motorcycle racing 1,000 cc, the engine is suitable for production using a prototype chassis.

In addition, 2012 season will be followed 12 rider on a motorcycle prototype, while rest of the team's riders coming from the satellite.

However, factory team less agrees with the proposal from Ezpeleta, especially the restrictions ECU. It is considered to reduce the freedom in creativity.


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