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News : Isuzu Technical Competition 2011, Indonesia third place

Isuzu Mechanic from Indonesia managed to become the third champion in the 6th I-1 World Grand Prix Isuzu Technical Competition 2011, in Kawasaki Japan.

This event is a gathering of mechanics Isuzu from 20 countries around the world are divided into 4 groups.

Countries that participated were New Zealand, Iran, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Japan, Bahrain, Turkey, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Vietnam, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Hongkong, Philippine, Srilanka, Singapore, Israel, Oman, Australia.

Isuzu Indonesia team consists of Rudiyanto and Afmaro Parifina (both technicians PT Astra International, Tbk-Isuzu Semarang) who accompanied the team coach Cartawi, from Isuzu Indonesia Training Centre, won the third position. While it won Japan's first champion and runner-up won the Australian team.

Contest mechanics that have been made by Isuzu Indonesia since 1995, is an annual event to determine the ability and mechanical skill Isuzu. "The role of mechanics are very important. For commercial vehicles, any vehicle that is damaged should be repaired in no time. This is closely related to well-run business entrepreneurs, "said Yohannes Nangoi, President Director of IAMI.


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