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Video and Review : 2012 Nissan X-Trail 4x4 Platinum Edition

Nissan X-Trail 4x4 Platinum wed beauty and toughness. Nissan X-Trail 4x4 Platinum claimed as a true luxury car by Nissan UK, because its equipment can not be presented its opponents.

The front and back of the added protection and style with additional protection plate located below the bumper (front / rear). On the side of the car, Nissan supplement for stairs (step) of chrome and chrome door ornament-protection.

Inside the cabin, leather seats and electrically adjustable (front) and heated seats (front). A new touch screen function for satellite navigation, iPod and Bluetooth. To protect your investment, the Nissan equip it with a camera behind the image is transmitted on a small screen in the rearview mirror to back view (rear view mirror).

Platinum powered X-Trail 2.0dCi diesel engine-powered 173 hp. Available in a choice of manual or automatic transmission. Consumption of fuel oil (BBM) believed to 15.6 km / liter.

Price X-Trail 4x4 Platinum is expensive, according to Nissan. Even cheaper than the X-Trail Tekna, which became his base. Nissan X-Trail 4x4 Platinum is a limited edition and is only produced as many as 200 units


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