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Video : Suzuki R3 2012 will debut at Delhi Auto Expo 2012

The car manufacturer, Suzuki ready to launch their latest MVP named Suzuki Ertiga in early 2012. Car developed by Maruti Suzuki India is predicted to debut in India Auto Expo in January 2012.

The car is scheduled to enter the Indonesian market with senjumlah advantages, such as keluasaan cabin than other competitors, especially Avanza and Xenia.

As reported by Cardekho, namely Ertiga wheelbase 2734 mm. Obviously this is longer than Avanza-Xenia has a wheelbase of 2655 mm. While the total length of 4300 mm Ertiga reach, while the Avanza Xenia only 4140 mm.

Suzuki Ertiga armed by K14 petrol engine capacity of 1.4 liters (1372 cc). This engine produces 95 PS power and 130 Nm of torque. Ertiga comes with a choice of six variants, namely LXi, VXI, ZXi, LDI, VDI, and ZDi.

Ertiga reportedly also has carrying the front wheel drive, no longer behind like Avanza Xenia, so it is more efficient engine performance.

Some features are pinned on Ertiga are ABS brakes, sunroof, tilt steering, wipers with rain sensors and passenger seat that can be set.

Suzuki plans to priced Ertiga in India, with a range 700000-850000 rupees or around IDR 121-150 million in Indonesia.


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