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News : MotoGP 2012, Dovizioso doubt at Sepang

Andrea Dovizioso who underwent surgery today, is expected to soon be back riding the iron horse in no time. Because the first MotoGP test session at Sepang, it will be held on January 31.

Dovi fell from motocross, while being trained to maintain their physical fitness during winter holidays. Naas, Dovi had an accident and consequently gave birth to a broken collarbone injury.

Dovi manager, Simone Batistella hope, there is nothing worse happened to Dovi and Batistella hope recovery does not take long time.

Dovi became the second rider in question to attend the test session at Sepang after Nicky Hayden, who also suffered injuries.

Hayden dogged by injuries and two broken shoulder bone ribs, when doing personal training, in Owensboro, December 27, 2011.


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