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News : Rally Dakar 2012, Coma and Al-Attiyah wins the Seventh Stage

Marc Coma tried to approach the leadership race in 2012 Dakar Rally bike category Cyril Despres, winning the seventh stage. While Nasser Al-Attiyah won the car category.

Coma and Despres still continue the fight. Once in the previous stage had dibatakan, Goma directly dominated the stage with a record seventh time of 3:51:35.

These results make the gap with the leaders also race on KTM team, Despres with a time of 07:48 seconds. At the stage that is 200 miles this Despres finished in second place.

While in the car category, Al-Attiyah won the stage is capable rising with the Hammer car and record time of 3:26:57. In the second position is occupied by Robby Gordon who also use Hammer.

Stephane Peterhansel was third with a mini car. But it still does not undermine in position of overalls with a record time of 15:32:53 and Krzysztof Hołowczyc in the second position.

While in the truck category, Gerard de Rooy won the stage with a time of 4:20:32. The results also make the rider from Netherlands is still leading the overalls up to this stage.


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