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News : MotoGP 2012, Lorenzo supports Buddh Circuit for MotoGP

During his visit to India, Lorenzo had tried Buddh International Circuit in New Delhi. Then how Lorenzo's opinion about the circuit?

In a statement to the Times of India, Lorenzo simply admiring the circuit with a length of 5137 km. "Today was a visit to the Buddh circuit is running fine. The track is very modern and wide," Lorenzo said in Crash.

He argues Circuit Buddh feasible to hold a MotoGP race. "Equipped with one of the best race tracks in the world and has held a F1, we can expect India will become next destination for MotoGP," he continued.

Last year this circuit has held F1 race on October 30. In the race, Sebastian Vettel emerged as the champion, runner-up Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso in third podium.


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