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News : Lorenzo and Ben Spies will visit Indonesia mid January

Having visited India and tried Circuit Buddh, Jorge Lorenzo will fly to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. He claimed not wait to arrive in Jakarta.

Lorenzo visited India in order to meet the fans and national media India in the New Delhi Auto Expo 2012.

During his visit, the Lorenzo the opportunity to test New Delhi Buddh International Circuit on Wednesday (11/12/2012) local time, with Yamaha R15.

"Now I'm very excited to go to Jakarta to visit my Indonesian fans over there," complete Lorenzo.

In Jakarta, Lorenzo planned to be accompanied by his teammate, Ben Spies, and undergo a series of events that took place on 14 and 15 January.

Lorenzo trip to Jakarta was initiated by Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia which is the main sponsor of Yamaha's Factory MotoGP Racing Team with the tagline "Semakin Di Depan".


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