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News : MotoGP 2012, Rossi hopes Desmosedici GP12 immediately competitive

Valentino Rossi underwent inaugural season with Ducati in 2011 with an unfavorable results. At the end of 2011 season standings, seven-time world champion could not even win a single race, a record of the first of his career.

Facing 2012 season, Valentino Rossi tried to be realistic with his chance to win the title. Rossi admitted it would be difficult to fight for the title, with a motor that is less competitive.

Rossi also hopes Ducati continue to strive to catch up from the main competitor Yamaha and Honda. If the motor is competitive, it is not impossible to win the title this year.

2012 season, The Doctor will be riding the Desmosedici GP12. Rossi was very hopeful his ride may soon be able to compete to catch up 1.5 seconds of its strongest competitors.


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