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Video : 2012 MINI Baker Street, stylish and young

Welcoming the event 2012 Olympics in London, MINI introduced two special edition. MINI Baker Street and MINI Bayswater, which will be marketed starting in May 2012.

Baker Street taken from the founder of William Baker street in the 18th century and inspired the residence of Sherlock Holmes, detective fiction, at 221B Baker Street. Currently, Baker Street is an elite area in London.

Baker Street will be sold throughout the world with a limited production period. This car can be ordered in clothing MINI One, MINI Cooper, MINI One D and MINI Cooper D.

Baker Street showing a trend-setter and a young fresh innovative style. Some parts of them got a refreshment.

Exterior and interior car gets a touch back. It features can be seen from the roof is gray metallic, two lines forming a V on the bonnet, alloy wheels 16 "with a glossy black lid and black side mirrors.

Changes in the cabin include leather upholstery and an exclusive interior surfaces to create an atmosphere of light. Surface colored upholstery Cross Check Rooftop Grey adopt bright diamond pattern. Cross Check Rooftop Grey color used untukpermukaan cockpit and door decorations.

Baker Street is available in several options MINI One engine (98 hp), MINI Cooper (122 hp), MINI One D (90 hp) and MINI Cooper D (112 hp).


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