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Video and Review : 2012 VW Up! five-doors will soon debut in UK

Volkswagen (VW) leaked images of the latest generation of VW Up! five-door version. VW Up! This five-door is the regeneration of the VW Up! previously, the only difference being the number of doors, from three doors to five doors.

As reported by Worldcarfans, previously, VW has showcased the VW Up! This five-door at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 and then, but leaked this picture is a production version ready to go into production this mid-2012.

Further, the VW Up! five-door model is designed with off-road vehicles with improved road clearance of 15 mm and is equipped with front bumper plate, and the four wheels are chromated. However, in terms of suspension, the VW Up! five-door is still using standard suspsensi.

However, there may be changes to the engine than previous generation, so that gasoline engine 1.0-liter three-cylinder can spraying power 60 ps (44 kW/60 bhp) and 75 PS (55 kW/75 bhp). For fuel consumption, both three-door and five-door equipped with start-stop technology, which is 4.2 liters per 100 km.

In addition, Volkswagen has also been confirmed that the VW Up! This five-door will be introduced later this year and will make his debut at the prestigious automotive event in the UK.

video by autoblog.com


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